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Soil preparation: Before laying turf, it is essential to prepare the soil properly. The area should be cleared of any existing vegetation, rocks, and debris. The soil should be cultivated and leveled to ensure a smooth, even surface. Adding organic matter like compost can enhance the soil structure and provide essential nutrients for the new turf.

Measuring and ordering turf: Measure the area to be turfed accurately, taking into account any curves or irregularities. Order the appropriate amount of turf, ensuring you have some extra for trimming and patching.

Laying the turf: Begin laying the turf along a straight edge, such as a wall or pathway, to ensure a neat appearance. Stagger the seams like brickwork to create a seamless and stable surface. Use a sharp knife to trim the turf to fit around obstacles and edges.

Watering: Immediately after laying the turf, water it thoroughly to help the roots establish and prevent drying out. Continue watering regularly in the first few weeks until the turf is fully rooted.

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