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July 2019

Benefits of Decking

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Extended Living Space: Decking expands your living area beyond the confines of your home, providing a platform for various activities such as outdoor dining, relaxation, and hosting gatherings.

Enhanced Aesthetics: A well-designed deck can significantly improve the overall appearance of your property, adding character and curb appeal to your home.

Increased Property Value: Installing a deck is a smart investment that can boost the value of your property, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Connection with Nature: With a deck, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden or surrounding landscape while being comfortably seated outdoors.

Customisation Options: Decking can be tailored to suit your preferences and lifestyle. You can add features like built-in seating, pergolas, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens to create a personalized and functional space.

Easy Maintenance: Depending on the material chosen, decking often requires minimal maintenance, freeing up more time for relaxation and enjoyment.

Decking Design Ideas:

Multi-level Decks: Create visual interest and define various zones for different activities by incorporating multi-level decking. This design allows you to maximise space while adding dimension to your outdoor area.

Wraparound Decks: For homes with stunning views or large garden areas, a wraparound deck can provide panoramic views and a seamless connection to different parts of your property.

Integrate Greenery: Incorporate planters or flower beds directly into the deck design to introduce greenery and nature into your outdoor space.

Lighting: Install ambient lighting, such as string lights or recessed LEDs, to extend the usability of your deck into the evening and create a cozy atmosphere.

Built-in Features: Consider adding built-in benches, tables, and storage to optimise space utilisation and reduce clutter.

Decking is not merely an outdoor structure; it’s an opportunity to enhance your lifestyle and connection with nature. Whether you prefer the classic charm of wood, the low maintenance of composite materials, or the durability of vinyl, there’s a decking option to suit every taste and budget. So, why not embark on this delightful outdoor adventure and transform your yard into a captivating haven with a beautifully designed deck?

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